Fender Stratocaster 1966 Restoration

Frank and Dirk, the guitar bros, revive a heap of antique and matching guitarparts wreckage. The previous possessor had extensively tampered with this gorgeous ’66 Stratocaster over time, temporarily reconstructing the body into a left-handed guitar resembling a PRS.

# The neck is visually perfect, maybe even “outstanding perfect.” That’s how it should look. (11/10)
# The decal is original. (10/10)
# The tuners are not original, but visually contemporary and of decent quality. Could be replaced with originals without damage. (7/10)
# The tuner holes are not enlarged. (10/10)
# The string retainer is original. (10/10)
# The nut is still usable but could be replaced. (7/10)
# The truss rod works. (10/10)
# The neck attachment screw holes are not stripped. (9.5/10)
# The neck plate is original. (10/10)
# The screws are original. (10/10)
# The frets are quite worn but still functional. (6/10)
# The tremolo is original, although without the arm (8/10)
# The tremolo arm is new (3/10)
# The strap buttons are no longer present (0/10)
# The pickguard is possibly original, although I doubt it because there’s a missing cutout. It’s also trimmed and visually questionable. I would replace this with a contemporary pickguard with accessories and include the supposed original in the case. (4/10)
# All other plastic parts are either not present or not original (3/10)
# The pickguard screws are not original but old (6/10)
# The neck pickup is original (10/10)
# The cover seems original. (8/10)
# The middle pickup is original (10/10)
# The cover seems original. (8/10)
# Bridge pickup is not present (0/10).
# Kloppmann needs to work on this and wind a new pickup (6/10)
# Two of the three pots are probably original. (6.6/10)
# The volume pot is 270 kOhm! (10/10)
# The cables are partially original. (6/10)
# The jackplate is not original, neither is the jack socket. (4/10)
# One capacitor is original. (10/10).
# The other capacitor can be replaced (6/10).
# All parts are functional (10/10)!