Blackbird refret

I was fascinated by the Blackbird right from the start. On the one hand, the playing traces testify to the fact that this guitar has been intensively worked on musically for decades and, on the other hand, that this is a Black Over Sunburst version. But especially the sound and the way this guitar can be played are proof that seventies Stratocasters aren’t all bad. At the beginning there was still the idea of selling the guitar again after the reworking, but it is clear that this horse is staying in the stable. To ensure that the guitar is fully operational again for the next few years, it needs a new fret job. A good guy from Delmenhorst has taken on this task and will refret the neck of the Blackbird. I’m already looking forward to the result.

Fender Stratocaster 1966 Restoration

Following its restoration, the body is now being refinished by Matthias von Bassart. Until then, the rest will be extensively tested with my 62 body. Kloppmann has rewired the pickguard and rewound a pickup to match the two other original pickups. An absolute dream guitar and perfect in every respect. A sensational sounding Stratocaster for players!

Fender Stratocaster 1966 Restoration

Frank and Dirk, the guitar bros, revive a heap of antique and matching guitarparts wreckage. The previous possessor had extensively tampered with this gorgeous ’66 Stratocaster over time, temporarily reconstructing the body into a left-handed guitar resembling a PRS.

# The neck is visually perfect, maybe even “outstanding perfect.” That’s how it should look. (11/10)
# The decal is original. (10/10)
# The tuners are not original, but visually contemporary and of decent quality. Could be replaced with originals without damage. (7/10)
# The tuner holes are not enlarged. (10/10)
# The string retainer is original. (10/10)
# The nut is still usable but could be replaced. (7/10)
# The truss rod works. (10/10)
# The neck attachment screw holes are not stripped. (9.5/10)
# The neck plate is original. (10/10)
# The screws are original. (10/10)
# The frets are quite worn but still functional. (6/10)
# The tremolo is original, although without the arm (8/10)
# The tremolo arm is new (3/10)
# The strap buttons are no longer present (0/10)
# The pickguard is possibly original, although I doubt it because there’s a missing cutout. It’s also trimmed and visually questionable. I would replace this with a contemporary pickguard with accessories and include the supposed original in the case. (4/10)
# All other plastic parts are either not present or not original (3/10)
# The pickguard screws are not original but old (6/10)
# The neck pickup is original (10/10)
# The cover seems original. (8/10)
# The middle pickup is original (10/10)
# The cover seems original. (8/10)
# Bridge pickup is not present (0/10).
# Kloppmann needs to work on this and wind a new pickup (6/10)
# Two of the three pots are probably original. (6.6/10)
# The volume pot is 270 kOhm! (10/10)
# The cables are partially original. (6/10)
# The jackplate is not original, neither is the jack socket. (4/10)
# One capacitor is original. (10/10).
# The other capacitor can be replaced (6/10).
# All parts are functional (10/10)!

My Fender Stratocaster 1972 (Carlo) Restoration

This Stratocaster was rebuilt in the style of the Schecter guitars in the early 80s. My goal is to restore it to its original appearance. Because the 1972 Stratocaster is a testament to Fender’s relentless pursuit of innovation and craftsmanship. With its bold design and unrivalled playability, it represents a unique chapter in the history of the electric guitar. The ’72 Stratocaster features a distinctive design with a large headstock and three-bolt neck plate that sets it apart from its predecessors. Contrary to the legends of the unsuspecting, this design not only provides more sustain and stability, but also contributes to its iconic aesthetic. In addition, the ’72 Stratocaster is known for its incisive tone, which it owes to its excellent pickups. Whether you crave crisp cleans, gritty blues or searing leads, this guitar delivers with unrivalled clarity and dynamics. The 1972 Stratocaster epitomises the spirit of Fender, combining tradition with innovation to create an instrument that continues to inspire musicians around the world today.

Work is still in progress…

# Neck stripped from red stain and refinished with new Decal and aged
# Tuner Original F-stamped Fender
# Tuner Holes drilled to 10 mm
# String Tree Original Fender
# Nut Original Fender
# Trussrod with full function
# Neck Plate & Screws Original Fender
# Neck professional refretted
# Vibrato with all screws, clamp and springs Original Fender
# New Pickguard, new Pickup-covers, new aged Screws from Crazyparts
# Volume & 2 x Tone Knobs Original Fender
# Bridge, Middle & Neck Pickup Original Fender with leadcable-rewired
# Pots, cap, cables and 5-way-switch are new CTS and Fender and are rewired with no-tone-mod for the Neck-Pickup, Volume-Pot selected with 270 KOhm for the little Brightness-Kick
# Jackplate Original Fender
# Body stripped from red stain and refinished and aged